The almost mystical name of Italian Luxury Denim Atelier Dondup comes from a Tibetan Lama whose philosophical principle was: “all men are equal: race, colour and faith have no meaning, all that counts are one’s intentions and actions.” Dondup’s Creative director, Manuela Mariotti, expanded the brand’s name origin in a Vogue interview“jeans are by definition ‘democratic and ecumenical’. It is a universal flag of freedom and self-expression that everyone can wear.”

With this inspirational motto and Mariotti’s experimental spirit, Dondup has grown into a full-fledged fashion house that manufactures ready-to-wear line for woman, man and children from a denim company since its launch in 2000. It has also become one of the favourites of musics stars and TV starlets in Europe.

Dondup Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection puts a strong focus on the juxtaposition of boldness and femininity. Contrasting bold colours and tribal patterns with delicate chiffon textile, the brand highlights the heterogeneity of urban woman. The mix and match of sleek tribal suit and grunge-feel washed leather platform ankle boots or the pairing of off-shoulder pure white cropped top and beautifully washed straight leg worn jeans–all signify the elegance of women in today’s metropolises.

See Dondup Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection:
Dondup Spring 2016 RTW Dondup Spring 2016 RTW Dondup Spring 2016 RTW

Dondup Spring 2016 RTW

Photo: Courtesy of Dondup