By Paige Strand

As we glide into the morose weather of October, it’s time to look at all of the places we could be going. Often, what derails travelling plans is the lack of time dedicated to research, as less effort equals less result. Fortunately, I have five underrated countries to show you, with focus on visual appeal, safety, budget-friendly and luxury accommodations.

Travel iceland


According to the official tourism website, Iceland is noted as one of the safest places to visit in the world. One can enjoy caving, cycling as well as the country’s signature abundance of geothermic pools, leading us to believe that the culture may be cooler to witness in person. To make you even more comfortable, the country has a website dedicated to inform you of any changes in safety and weather. Travel is priced fairly but if you’re looking for extravagance, try the 101 hótel.

Travel Portugal


With two geographical highlights being Lisbon and the Azores, Portugal offers much to please the eye. It is considered a relatively safe destination, as crime prevention and public safety are indefinitely priorities there; the country has a non-profit crime prevention association that focuses on providing the public with resources and information. Another highlight is that Portugal can be very budget-friendly, as this resource shows that even a luxury experience with full accommodations might only cost $140US.

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Travel Liechtenstein castle


Known as one of the smallest European countries, Liechtenstein is squeezed between Switzerland and Austria, giving it a rich culture and unique landscape. It is also recognized as one of the safest countries in the world, largely due to a strong police presence. Also in contrast to some of the other small European countries, Liechtenstein is known to be very financially stable and often politically neutral, making it a very secure and sensible travel destination. Accommodations are priced suitably in the country, but if you’re looking for 5-star treatment, best to visit the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, as there’s nothing ‘bad’ about it!

Travel Mozambique


With gorgeous scenery in the form of beaches and jungle, Mozambique is located along the coast of South-east Africa. There is a popular conception that travelling to this region holds its dangers; however, a tourism resource indicates that upon following the listed precautions, hundreds of thousands of travellers have enjoyed Mozambique’s vibrant feel. As well, certain areas will inevitably be safer places than others, as with any place, the accommodations can range from sketchy to top-notch. This seems reasonable, as one should abide by safety regulations when travelling to any country regardless of geography or media perception.

Travel Norway


The Fjords of Norway stand out as one of the many unique sights you’ll find in the beautiful European country. In regards to public safety, crime rates are said to be so low that certain police units do not even carry guns; with that being said, it is still crucial to keep aware in order to avoid the possibility of a problem. Where costs are concerned, this travelling experience can be costly, however Norway apparently feels your pain, as its official tourism website gives numerous tips on how to get the best deals. Looking to spare no expense? Try the Grand Hotel Oslo for ultimate luxury.

A quick note to those planning for travels, please check official government websites and affiliated embassy information; we did not want to provide government links as our readership spans across the globe, and relations between each country will differ, indicating that some countries will be safer for you to travel to than for others. Be sure to stay informed before and during your travel planning. Checking highly credible sources in addition to travel resources will insure that you are updated and prepared. Have any travel tips you would like to share? Let us know on Twitter at @julemagazine and keep the conversation going!