Shaway Yeh– Editorial Director of fashion and lifestyle magazine Modern Weekly and Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China–is named “China’s Rebel Editor” by Business of Fashion recently.“I loathe authority,” Shaway Yeh told Bof. The rebel editor explained that in contrast to the traditional method of importing westernized Fashion ideas to China, she respects and believes in the fashion potential of audience in China.

“The international franchises were all trying to make clones of their reader profiles here in China and, let’s face it, that was always going to be awkward,” Yeh says.   

Yeh definitely has a point here. How’s it not awkward when the sole mission of some international franchised magazines is to “educate” its Chinese readers, instead of building an intimate connection and igniting conversations with its audience?      

“Modern Weekly is in fact, for the part I am editing, a mainstream fashion and style magazine. My approach turns it into a publication addressing cultural issues; to make it culturally relevant. The role of fashion within culture is a really huge topic,” Shaway Yeh told AnOther Magazine.

Having a strong belief in glocalization (i.e. the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations,) hence, is believed to be the crux to Modern Weekly’s success  in capturing over 900,000 readers across China. Read full interview at Bof.

Image: Courtesy of Modern Weekly @modernweeklystyle