In stark contrast to his previous bright-tone collections, the LVMH Prize winning young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus staged his darkest-by-far SS16 Collection in an area of Paris known for its slaughterhouses. The show unfolded as a surrealistic dream where thoughts, ideas and emotions exist and hover irrationally. The designer presents his SS16 Collection with models walking in an unconventional pattern: the models at times cross paths, at times simultaneously walking from multiple directions and at times pairing up and walk together.

The warehouse was filled with the resonance of the moody and unsettling trance like hypnotic beats. Backstage, the designer explained to Vogue that he was depicting his deep emotion when he plotted this unsettling parade. The designer said that the collection was called Le Nez Rough because he had been sick and afflicted with a red nose and personal troubles.

“You know, my collections are normally about the South of France and the beach and happy things? Well, now the Jacquemus girl is not smiling,” he said. Without spelling out what had happened, he added, “My friends, my family knows.”

Below are some recaps from the show, head over to for more.

JULIEN-DAVID-MEN-SS16-15D SS16-0B JACQUEMUS-SS16-28 SS16-28 SS16-17 SS16-23 SS16-28 SS16-31 SS16-39

Photo: Courtesy of Jacquemus


Watch The Show captured by STUDIO JUNGLE: